Hello, I’m 61 yrs old and have lived in Canada all my life. I also grew up in rural Manitoba and we always had blueberries for a summer treat. Since then whenever they are available I purchase blueberries from the local Sobeys ( IGA ) or Canada Safeway. On Sunday my wife of 39 yrs purchased a tub of your product and I have to say that without any hesitation that they are the best blueberries I have ever had the pleasure of consuming. I also think that it would be a terrible waste to make a pie or tart from these amazing fruits… best eaten with cream or ice cream. Usually commercial blueberries are bland with very little of the real taste of wild blueberries; despite their plumped up size they do little to remind me of my youth of what a real blueberry should taste like. These are a totally different sensation, thank you South Alder Farms for restoring the real taste again.