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As at 11th May, 2020

The following are project crop season and volume periods:

BerriesExpected start datePeak time with volumeExpected season end
StrawberriesMay 21stMay 31st to June 15th AND August 1st to August 30th (Expected start dates are with very limited supplies)September 10th
GooseberriesJune 25thJune 25th to August 1stAugust 1st
Red CurrantsJune 25thJuly 1st to August 15thAugust 25th
Black CurrantsJuly 4thJuly 10th to August 1stAugust 1st
White CurrantsJuly 7thJuly 10th to August 1stAugust 15th
BlueberriesJune 28thJuly 7th to August 15thOctober 15th
BlackberriesAugust 15thAugust 15th to October 1st (Expected start dates are with very limited supplies)October 30th

Please call our office at: 604-856-6940 or alternatively via our contact form for more information, as our expected start dates are with very limited supplies.