South Alder Farms Plant

South Alder Farms headquarters is located in sunny Aldergrove, British Columbia, Canada. Here in the heart of the Fraser Valley, the soil and temperate climate are optimal for growing blueberries, which is our primary crop, South Alder Farms has over 1,000 acres of Blueberries grown in fields throughout the Fraser Valley from Chilliwack to Langley extending our season and also several fields and farms in Lynden, Washington.

Big Bunches of BlueberriesMost of our fields we own and farm ourselves giving us greater control of the quality and traceability of our berries. With eight different varieties of blueberries, we begin harvesting in late June or early July and continues to harvest right through until late September or early October. In addition to the delicious super-fruit blueberries, South Alder Farms also grows and packs Blackberries, Strawberries and Garlic. We also pack a limited supply of fresh red currants, black currants, white currants, and jumbo gooseberries.

Please visit our Fresh Berries page for more information on the fruit we produce.

South Alder Farms has a fresh packing plant located directly on the farm, so during harvest-time our berries are picked daily and packaged into market ready clamshells on site – maximizing the freshness. Most blueberries harvested at South Alder Farms are handpicked ensuring that only the finest and ripest berries are selected. Our strawberries and blackberries are also hand-picked.

Berries on PalletDuring harvest-time South Alder Farms is in production full-time, with all hands on deck working together to ensure the berries get picked, packed, and transported to grocery stores, markets, and distributions centres throughout Canada and the United States. South Alder Farms is also registered to export fresh blueberries to market in China and Japan. Please call our office for more details at 604-856-6940, or contact the BC Blueberry council for detailed information on exporting fresh blueberries.

Blueberry Clamshell PacksIn addition to our fresh operations, South Alder Farms also has a frozen plant, where we freeze and package IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) blueberries. We also pack a limited supply of IQF specialty berries: red currants, black currants, white currants, gooseberries, and blackberries. Our frozen fruit is also available in drums as juice grade and puree grade. Please visit our Frozen IQF Berries page for a complete list of products available for wholesale purchase only. South Alder Farms IQF Plant is a registered establishment under the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) as well as HACCP certified, and SQF Level 2 certified.

South Alder Farms also has several farms and fields located in Lynden, Washington State. Since Aldergrove and Lynden are geographically neighbors, it is only a 5 minute trip “as the crows fly” (as us country folk like to say) between our farms. Therefore, in addition to packing Canadian origin blueberries, we are also able to supply USA origin blueberries. In most cases the blueberries are grown in Lynden, Washington, USA and packaged at our facility in Aldergrove, British Columbia, Canada.

Please call our office at 604-856-6940 for more information about our fresh blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, gooseberries and currants. You may also visit our “Fresh Berries” or our “Frozen IQF Berries” page for a list of pack sizes available and other information.

Please note we are wholesale only and do not sell directly to the public from our farm.

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