Kiwi Grapes

Kiwi Grapes

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* Dates are subject to change due to weather
* Expected start dates are very limited supplies

The Kiwi Grape resembles a grape in its size and skin texture. It is a fruit that is easy to handle and quite resilient to splitting and bruising. The taste is a cross between a plum and a kiwi, although some claim it also resembles grapes and gooseberries, but the flavour is sweeter and more delicious than a fuzzy kiwi.

We grow our Kiwi Grapes in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley where the rich soil and mild climate combine to make excellent growing conditions.

Origin – Kiwi Grapes are a species of the Actinidia family kiwi, commonly known as the “Hardy Kiwi”. It is native to China and was more than likely referred to as the Chinese Gooseberry many years ago.

Description – The product is varied in size from 3 to 9 grams, the skin is edible and can be light to dark green, some can even have a reddish colour due to pigmentation change from the sun exposure. The flesh will be soft when ripe and when cut in half will resemble the look of the fuzzy kiwi.